17 Aug

Connecting information: Try Google Reader, Buzz, and Twitter for new ideas from current articles.

We all have our daily routines:  Wake up, brush teeth, shower, grab fresh coffee (prepared and left on the timer from the night before), head out the door…

Somewhere along the way we reconnect and share with the world.  Traditionally it has been through word of mouth, direct connections or through mass communication, television and newspapers.  I propose trying a new tradition that blends the two.

Google Reader allows anyone with web access to create a list of subscriptions to publications on the web.  This includes traditional media like New York Times, ESPN or Time Magazine and new or direct media like special interest websites, blogs, wikis and any other user updated sites.  This also includes social networks like Facebook and Myspace, and social commentary and information sharing sites like Twitter and Google Buzz.

Basically you subscribe to everything you are interested in, read it in one spot, and can choose to pass it along to friends or colleagues.

Finding, subscribing and reading takes place in Google Reader. Sharing happens through Google Buzz and Twitter.

This is now part of my daily routine.  Every morning I have a current, custom tailored list of publications, websites, wikis and blogs that I enjoy reading.  The most interesting, useful and inspirational articles get shared with anyone who follows me in Google Buzz or Twitter.  I in turn follow other like-minded and interesting people (including many impressive and inspiring educators) who share links to great articles that pop up in my reader (if I subscribe or follow them) or on Twitter (if I follow them).

Both sites take some time to populate with subscriptions.  Once established, Google and Twitter have options that make it easy to find, read, and share articles.

Google Reader in Plain English:


Getting Started with Google Reader:


Google Buzz:




These videos may get you up to speed, but if you have questions, feel free to ask.  I plan to offer a “Google Bootcamp” this year, along with becoming a Google Certified Teacher and a Discovery Educators Network STAR Discovery Educator.

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